Friday, January 29, 2010

Korean Food

Here is some Korean food! I am not a fan. A lot of meat eaters do like Korean maybe you would enjoy. But it isn't my thing. So, I head to Seoul every other weekend to get me some good Indian Food! :-)

Anchovies...they put them in EVERYTHING! Even granola bars!

Live crab--they were actually still moving. Being the vegetarians that Steve and I are, we wanted to grab them and quick run to the sea and let them go! :-)


Dried octopus anyone? They actually sell very small versions as well at the check out lane at the convenient store.


They eat silk worms. Yes, they do. This is a pot of good ole' silk worms. They are fat and juicy and are from trees in the mountains. They look horrible, just horrible, like big fat caterpillars. Gross!

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