Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun day in Drobak

I went to Drobak with Petter's parent's; Grete and Bjorn. Drobak is a quaint town in the Fjord. It is very cozy and nice. As you can see we have a lot of snow and it is still very cold here. I am sure this town has to be beautiful in the summer time!

Day in Drobak--All Year Around Christmas Store

This is a very fun all year round Christmas store. Like the one in Frankenmuth, Michigan. As you can see very traditional Norwegian style! Very nice!

Day in Drobak

Street Musicians

Fun pastry shop!

THis is for Michael, enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chanting Circle

My Oslo trip is coming to a close as I will be leaving for Prague in two short weeks. This trip has been so very nice on so many levels, especially spiritually. This is a chanting circle that I went to on Saturday. We get together and meditate and chant. It was very nice. And this is Petter's band, Red Bliss. I have attached videos, so you get an idea of the music. The video's with all of the band members starting on lef;, Martin, Giita, Tom Andre, next to Tom Andre ..not sure who this guy is, and then Petter. I will need to play with my video on my camera-because it didn't come out that well. Hopefully, you get the idea.


Chanting Circle

Chanting Circle

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Public Transportation

I love not having a car! This is my subway station, Nydalen--is the subscity that I live in in Oslo. The last picture is the Jernebanetorget--Oslo Central Station, you take the train out of the city here as well.

Toy Store

This is kind of cool, I think it is a toy store. It is kind of like window shopping at Macy's in Chicago. Yes, they still have some Christmas stuff up....I thought we were bad!

Finally a real martini!

So, I found a TGIF's (yes they have them here in Oslo), I decided maybe I should try a Martini has been two months since I had a Martini. :-(

I figured, Friday's should be able to know how to make Martini's. Aaaaahhh...getting closer! Much better than last time, not quite $20 worth, but getting there.

I will be having Martini's at Petter's parent's tomorrow, aaaaahhhh. I may not get out of bed the next day. :-)

My favorite picture at the Art Gallery!

So, the first picture is of the National Theatre here in Oslo. I enjoyed a few hours of fabulous Norwegian Art and art from the famous Munch. Very interseting. As you can see the next picture is my favorite! Ooooo la la.....

No, silly! This wasn't from the was actually artwork on a bathroom stall in a restaurant. Ahhh finally women are treated equal in regards to fun, sexy men in bathroom stalls! Now, if only he was real. :-)

Some random photos

Sorry, been a little busy...enjoy.